Nov. 8th, 2009

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So, somebody already wrote a big part of one of the blog posts I was going to write. But rather than abandon it, I'm going to use theirs as a starting-point. Read theirs first, and then imagine me scrawling tiny essays in the margins with my scratchy pencil, illuminated by a library's fluorescent lights.

the things you own end up owning you )
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Technically I think I'm one post behind, because instead of blogging last night I was at [ profile] khalinche, [ profile] ewtikins and [ profile] hairyears's housewarming party, where there were lots and lots of lovely people (whom I'm not going to attempt to list in case I upset anybody by missing them out, but everybody I talked to was lovely!), a very cute ferret, and a mightily impressive serpent ... plus a piano, an oboe, a tenor recorder, several voices, and more lovely people enthusiastically playing (with) all of the above. There was also, as promised, a scale model of the Standing Stones of Calanais made of gingerbread -- I didn't get a photo, sadly (though I did get several pieces of gingerbread OM NOM NOM) but it certainly knocked my gingerbread pyramid into a cocked hat.

[ profile] addedentry and I should really actually get round to organising a housewarming party, but it probably won't happen until we've got a kitchen (because otherwise I can't make cake, and it's not a proper party if I don't make cake). Which I should also get round to organising. Yes.

Does this count as the missing post? :-}

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